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Headshots are your opportunity to show the world your best face. There is no better place in Baton Rouge for headshots than Eye Wander Photo. We usually shoot in downtown Baton Rouge to achieve the best location with the best soft out-of-focus backgrounds with the best light. As a light seeker, I am in heaven. The shade of the downtown buildings provides the perfect light for acting headshots in New Orleans, LA.

Baton Rouge is becoming the hottest spot in the south for the movie industry, with new opportunities for actors happening daily, so let Eye Wander Photo capture your dynamic personality. Using only natural light and a reflector, we work fast and offer 3 unique "looks" during a one-hour session in either downtown Baton Rouge, downtown New Orleans in the Warehouse District or French Quarter.

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Actor Headshots

Which Type is Right for You?

Depending on your needs, a Commercial and Theatrical head shot is a great place to start.

Theatrical headshots in Baton Rogue, LA are usually more serious. It can be used for display when you work in the theatre such as in the program. It can also be used on any website where your photos and biography appear.

Commercial headshots in New Orleans, LA are usually smiling with lighter colors. It can be used to get you a Commercial agent and also for display on any website where your photos and biography appear. If you think you're in need of high-quality commercial headshots in Baton Rogue, LA, give our team a call today.

​Our Headshot sessions start at $250. For scheduling and more information, please contact us.​

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