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Why Eye Wander?

We at Eye Wander believe in MAGIC. We capture it through everyday moments such as the play of children, during family gatherings, and in the celebration of weddings. It takes an experienced eye, with discernment at play, to define the beauty that exists in everyday experience. We take what you love most and make it a work of art. With 15 years experience behind the lens, Aaron Hogan, along with his talented team of photographers, editors and office staff, are passionate about capturing you and your world in the best light. Need more convincing? Check out our Google Reviews here.

We Listen.

A photo that moves someone is the shutter that was snapped at precisely the right moment, in a flash of synchronicity that combines instinct with experience, and an eye for opportunity. Those crystalline moments are captured first not by looking, but by listening to what feeling our clients want to freeze forever. So first, we listen to the stories our clients reveal to us, and then we design that story in images.

We Look.

We look into the hearts of our clients as they talk about the events they want to commemorate in photos. Often, when they say, "We want a family portrait", they really are saying "I'm proud of my family, and want to share that with the world." We look to translate that pride into a well thought out setting, resulting in images that uniquely represent that client...beautifully lit images.

We Love.

We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful moment; your family at their most connected moment; your children at their most innocent moment. From the Wanderings of our Eye, we give you memories to treasure today and for many years to come.


Aaron Hogan has been listening, looking, and loving his entire life, and took to photography professionally in 2006 to express that gift to a growing list of clients, whose sessions have taken him across the US and internationally in pursuit of the perfect image. He loves nothing more than to spend time with the people he will photograph, laugh with them, listen to their goals, and design a photographic story that captures them perfectly at that moment in time.

While he is drawn toward weddings, portraits, and commercial photography, Aaron's favorite subject is his beautiful wife, actress Jency Griffin Hogan. They married in 2011, and for once, Aaron relinquished his camera to a friend Max Trombly, who is also one of Aaron's main associate wedding photographers, to document his and Jency’s own intimate wedding. They married on private land in rural St. Francisville, LA in July 2011, and their wedding video is viewable here. To view their wedding photo slideshow click here. To view their honeymoon photos from picturesque Glacier National Park in Montana, click here. They enjoy spending time together, traveling to far off countries like Iceland and Thailand, as well as hanging around the house with their three small dogs Lily, Little Dog, and Louie Bear.

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