5 days of amazing education from Louisiana's most passionate photographer!

Intermediate Photography Class

Registration has closed for this class! A new registration link will be available once the next class dates are announced.
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- Feb 12, 2020

Field Trip #1 - Feb 16, 2020
Morning field trip to work on our composition and exposure skills

Class #2 - Feb 19, 2020

Field Trip #2 - Feb 23, 2020
Afternoon/sunset field trip downtown Baton Rouge to work on lighting and posing

Class #3 - Feb 26, 2020


Come join Eye Wander Photo for our 5-part Intermediate Digital Photography class starting TBD in Baton Rouge.

Passionate & fun wedding/portrait/commercial photographer Aaron Hogan of Eye Wander Photo in Baton Rouge is teaching 5 non-consecutive days of intermediate level digital photography for those seeking to fine tune their photography skills.

*You must already have a working knowledge of shooting in Manual exposure mode and must own a large aperture (2.8 or larger) lens equal such as a 50mm, 85mm or a 70-200mm 2.8 zoom.*

Gear list is here: http://a.co/eiwqioy


  • Exposure: Master proper exposure; Understand Light meter & Histogram, master "M" mode, long exposure shots
  • Focus: Focus tracking modes, understanding the power of background/foreground
  • Composition: Understanding principles of design and elements of art to create true works of art from your camera
  • Lighting: On-camera and off-camera flashes with different angles, correct use of reflectors
  • Editing: Using Lightroom, file management & backup, cropping, basic editing
  • Posing: Subject placement, background selection, lighting to complement subject


* Lightroom/Photoshop Subscription ($10/mo)
* Reflector
* (2) external hard drives
* 50mm 1.8 lens
* 70-200 f2.8 or 4 ($1000 used - ask me where)
* 35mm 1.8 lens (optional)


A friend/family member can attend for $400. There's a limit to only one friend/family member at this special $400 price.

We have fun on our outdoor field trips. Hands-on learning with Aaron is the most fun way to learn photography!

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