A lot of people are getting married in the United States each year, as according to Zippia, there are an average of two million weddings annually! These couples usually have one priority — have professional event photographers capture nearly every second of it on camera. Are you looking to find the right wedding photographer? Here are some useful tips on how to find the best one for your special day.

1. Get the Venue First

The first thing you should do is find the backdrop of where your wedding will take place. The venue will determine the look and feel of your wedding photos. You and your significant other should decide on this fast — at least nine months before the wedding. Venues book fast, so you'll need to plan accordingly!

2. Talk to Friends and Family

Did someone in your family get married or did a friend get married? Did you like the photos produced by the professional event photographers that were there? See if you can get recommendations from those friends or family members.

3. Look at Photographer Websites

You got the names of some professional event photographers. Now it's time to look at their work! They will usually have a gallery of their most recent photographs on their site. See if the style matches what you like. If you do, then it's time to move to the next step.

4. Interview the Photographers

Now it's time to talk to the photographers. Listen to what they say about how they do business. Of course, you'll also want to make sure they're going to be available on your big day. See if they have any requests, like giving them and their assistants a plate of food at the reception.

5. Settle the Fee

Hammer out the final details. See what their fee will cover. How fast will they turn around the photos? Will you get both printed and digital copies? Is there a limit to how many photos they will take? Will they require paid transportation to the venue? Make sure that this is all explained before signing any contracts.

There's always a million things to do before the wedding day. However, If you follow these tips, getting this major detail out of the way will be easy. Then you'll be able to enjoy your big day. If you're ready to start looking for photographers, take a look at our work! Contact Eye Wander Photo today to get started.

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